Meet Dino

President and Founder of Renu Fitness

Dino Nowak may have earned an engineering degree, but his true passion has been building the human body. Some of his credentials include:

Dino is a 25 year plus fitness veteran and leader in the industry. Always looking to challenge himself, he has held many roles.
From Personal Training Manager and later General Manager of an International luxury fitness company- Equinox Fitness Clubs where he assisted in opening their first facility outside of the New York marketplace in Los Angeles.

To securing a publishing deal after being rejected 6 times to then releasing his book “The Final Makeover” which landed him appearances on multiple media outlets such as Fitness Magazine, Cooking Light, Lifetime Television, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and in ongoing publications in national magazines as a writer and consultant.

Los Angeles to Nashville

Upon moving to Nashville from Los Angeles, Dino and his company Renu, provided the fitness and post-rehabilitation services at the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute Fitness Center for 8 years gaining valuable clinical experience. There he earned the trust and referrals of the physical therapists and orthopaedic physicians alike after witnessing the results achieved for their patients once discharged while keeping them safe. Shortly after he opened his first facility.

renu Nashville, TN

Many of Nashville’s most accomplished doctors have entrusted their health, bodies, and careers in the hands of Renu to keep them sometimes quite literally operating at their absolute best. Reducing downtime, incidence of back pain during long surgical procedures and giving them the physical and mental endurance to do their challenging professions with focus, reduced stress, and greater enjoyment.

Dino has bridged both the entertainment and medical worlds training artists and celebrities in LA and Nashville in addition to travelling on many bus, and a few world tours keeping his clients healthy with their hectic tour schedules.

John Oates

In 2018, Dino expanded the vision for Renu by opening their next location in Raleigh, NC. The dream is to have specialized facilities that serve the community and be a center medical professionals can trust to send their patients thus improving outcomes, reducing healthcare use and costs. Most importantly helping people become more resilient physically and cognitively, returning to them a body that operates years if not decades younger than their chronological age.
Most recently, at the request of parents and grandparents Dino initiated the Renu Youth Conditioning and Sports Prep program to reach the next generation. Seeing the importance exercise has over the course of an adult life coupled with the most recent research on the benefits of structured programs in youth on stress tolerance, mood and psychological wellbeing, sports and academic performance Dino is excited for the launch of this new endeavor. His first book that was rejected 6 times was actually for youth to address the obesity crisis he saw coming in the early 2000’s.

renu Raleigh, NC

Dino is married to his gorgeous and crazy smart wife of over a decade, they have a young son who is obsessed with Star Wars.  He loves Jesus and sharing the evidence and hope of heaven. If there's free time, he enjoys checking out the latest tech gadgets, in particular Virtual Reality and how it can be implemented into fitness and more active entertainment. He also loves a good strategy board game and the water, playing a board game looking out over a lake would be a really good day.