10940 Raven Ridge Rd

Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27614

10940 Raven Ridge Rd Suite 116 Raleigh, NC 27614

A Boutique Gym in Raleigh Dedicated To Those Over Forty

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Biggest Hurdles:

We hear you! At Renu Health and Fitness near Raleigh, we've seen many people struggle because they focus on just one thing, like diet or exercise. But lasting results require more!We offer what others lack: motivation and accountability. We'll help you overcome hurdles so you can finally reach your goals.

1st things to improve to do the gym in Raleigh NC is  ACCOUNTABILITY


How we can help: Regular communication with industry leading coaches. Daily tasks & weekly body assessments to track progress

2nd things to improve to do the gym in Raleigh NC is  LIFE BALANCE

Life Balance

How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

3rd things to improve to do the gym in Raleigh NC is  NUTRITION


How we can help: We’ll design a plan for you that’s both effective and enjoyable. No more fad diets or sacrifices.

4th things to improve to do the gym in Raleigh NC is  COMMUNITY


How we can help: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals working towards their own transformation at best gym in Raleigh NC

Finalist Indyweek's Best Gym of Wake County 2022 and 2023

With Capped Membership & Fewer Members

Finalist Indyweek's Best Gym of Wake County

About Renu Health and Fitness Raleigh

Powerful Transformations Begin Here: Your Complete Toolbox Under One Roof.

Our transformation program is designed for everyone!  We tailor it to each individual member living in Raleigh. You'll be paired with an expert coach who perfectly matches your style and needs. No matter your age, injury history, goals, fitness level, or experience, you're welcome at Renu Health and Fitness Gym!

Our Private Coaching at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Private Coaching

To ensure precise attention to your specifics and close monitoring of your progress, we tailor your program accordingly at our
gym in Raleigh. Your coach will continuously adapt it to maintain your momentum!

Our Semi Private Workouts at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Semi Private Workouts

A blend of personalized attention and camaraderie with a max of 6 people allowing for individualized attention and modification. Tailored to your goals and abilities. Any level, any age at one of the best gyms in Raleigh, NC

Our Nutrition Plans at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Nutrition Plans

Healthy nutrition plans based on the foods you enjoy. We teach you how to balance healthy foods with everyday life so you don’t put weight back on after your “diet” is over.

Our Goal Setting and Tracking at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Goal Setting and Tracking

Weekly goal setting and tracking available with standardized objective assessments to hold you accountable while also knowing exactly what’s happening with your body as it changes.

Our Specialty Programs at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Specialty Programs

Biomechanical Evaluation, Manual Stretch, Joint Replacement Prep, Post Rehabilitation, Distance Coaching, and Advanced Nutrition are all services provided by some of the best gyms in Raleigh NC, ensuring you're equipped with everything you need to finally transform your body and mind for good.

What Our Clients Say:

"Renu has changed my life! I have had 3 knee replacements - One on one knee and two on another. They have not gone well. In fact, I was at a point where my Doctor and physical therapist had pretty much told me this was as good as it was going to get. I couldn’t walk much more than a block without being in bed the next day. I couldn’t do stairs. I had to stop traveling. My entire life was centered on my knees.I am fairly-well known in the Triangle and I guarantee everyone knows about my knees. I had trouble standing, was in awful pain, and had severe balance issues. After 3 months with Dino I was walking, could stand up on my own and felt better than I have felt in 5 years. I’ve continued over the years, Renu is a constant in my life, I couldn’t imagine going without this place. Dino truly is a miracle worker. I am happy to meet with anyone to describe the experience. I am not an advocate for Renu Fitness – I am an evangelist."

- Patty Briguglio

"Two years ago I joined Renu. My severe arthritis and lack of mobility had sidelined me for years. The personally-designed workouts, one-on-one attention, and terrific encouragement have changed my life positively. I’m strong, able to travel, and I now do things I haven’t been able to do in years. In fact I just climbed Machu Picchu, something I thought I would never be able to do. For the first time in ages, I am pain free without medicine. Life is good! "

- Susan .

"I am an orthopaedic surgeon who specialized in spinal disorders. I had my own personal disorder when I developed low back pain with sciatica. An MRI demonstrated a foraminal disc herniation at L4/5. I could get around ok although I could not participate in any active exercise. I was scheduled for surgery but somehow my symptoms diminished to the point that I was able to be more active. I was referred to a Physical Therapist who then referred me to Dino. With his knowledge of post-rehabilitation and the musculoskeletal system, I rapidly resolved all symptoms and have never looked back. I feel great and just enjoyed a week of excellent skiing in Colorado---not bad for a 77-year-old. I continue to refer patients to Dino because of his knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills! "

– Dan Spengler, M.D.

Step 1 to enroll in Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Schedule the perfect day and time to come into the gym. You’ll meet with our program director for a 1 on 1 consultation. We make this super simple, don't sweat it

Step 2 to enroll in Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

We’ll learn all about you, and you’ll learn about us. We’ll discuss the Transformation Program that makes the most sense based on your goals.

Step 3  to enroll in Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Once we’ve put together the perfect Transformation Program for YOU, we’ll introduce you to your Transformation Expert Coach who will be with you every step of the way. Together, you’ll get started.

Client experience:

Workout photo of Marcie at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

“I tried becoming more active on my own for about six months, building up to 3 mile walks several times a week and longer more challenging hikes on the weekend. I started having joint pain and my sports medicine doctor suggested that I call Dino at Renu. I knew after the first meeting/workout at Renu that this was what I had been missing in exercise - a total body workout with low impact and expert care to avoid injury. Dino has created a supportive environment that allows for challenging and invigorating personal workouts, no matter your fitness level. I look forward to the physical exertion with no concern of injury or boredom! Renu workouts are the highlight of my week!”


Workout photo of Julia Breyer Lewis at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

"Working with Renu, gym in Raleigh, you get total body conditioning that takes into account your fitness level or past injuries. You quickly understand that a past injury even if not reversible does not need to stop one from improving their health and fitness. What Dino provides is beyond personal training as an exercise physiologist, it is fitness conditioning with intelligence, informed guidance and care! I personally started with a limited ability to walk and with his targeted plan I am now climbing 10 flights of stairs and enjoying traveling again. You know you’re in the right place when you look around and realize how many medical professionals like myself train with Dino, Renu is absolutely unique!"

Julia Breyer Lewis


Workout photo of  Ed Paradise at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

After the second meniscus repair on my left knee and my right knee with two previous meniscus repairs, I was in a position that I could not take my grandchildren to Disneyland without a wheelchair. My knees were so aggravated, I had very limited range of motion and sleeping was difficult. I became a client of Renu one of the best gyms in Raleigh, NC after a friend told me how much it had helped her. She was not wrong. In that short time, I have improved my mobility, the pain is gone to the point I don’t even think about my knees anymore, gratefully sleep is no longer painful too. I just engage in what I want to do. In fact, I just returned from enjoying 4 days in Orlando chasing my grandkids around with no pain. I’m enjoying life again!

Ed Paradise

Cisco RTP Site Executive and Vice President of Engineering

Workout photo of Camilla Benbow  at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

I was undergoing physical therapy because I was having issues with my hip, I was told I would need a hip replacement but wanted to hold off as long as possible. Some colleagues had been working with Dino at Renu and spoke very highly of it.Working at Renu I was able to delay my hip replacement for 7 years, and when I finally had the surgery I was up and walking without a walker or cane 3 days later. My physical therapist couldn’t believe it, they said you came into the first PT session where people end up. I’m back at work full time in three and a half weeks. I’m a walking advertisement for Renu, one of the best gyms in Raleigh, NC, I didn’t need any strong pain pills except my first night to help me sleep. My recovery has gone amazingly well. It is up to Renu I walked in so strong for my surgery. When I went back for my post op checkup my doctor told me I’m in the top 1% of outcomes.If it wasn’t for Renu I would have had surgery years earlier and wouldn’t have had the recovery I did. You must make the time for this because it absolutely changes your life!

Camilla Benbow

Patricia and Rhodes Hart

Dean of Education and Human Development Vanderbilt Peabody College

Workout photo of Julie Hudson at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

Whether you are looking for a "get back in shape" routine or an "up my game" regimen, Dino's workouts are exceptional. While he could tailor a remarkable workout to any age, he focuses on those who are over 40. More, faster, and heavier are not necessarily the answers for joints and bodies that have some wear and tear, or that have been neglected for 10-20 years.Dino starts where you are and tailors the workouts to you. If you have a history of injury or surgery, he considers this in the plan. The workouts vary each day and week. Dino watches form meticulously to prevent injury, and he adjusts the rep mid-cycle to intensify or ease up as needed.I started going to counteract the insidious onset of age-related changes, even though I had been a runner for years. Six-and-a half-years later I can't imagine not doing these workouts 2-3 times per week.Semi-privates have worked well for me because Dino can very capably manage a small group all doing different things-- and the group camaraderie helps!With Dino's help, I keep "upping the game" and feel challenged at each new level of fitness. I started trekking several years ago, and Dino's workouts are exceptional at preparing me for the stability and strength needed for trails with steep, long ascents and descents on uneven terrain.

Julie Hudson

Workout photo of Dr. William Finch at Renu Health and Fitness in Raleigh NC

I am a retired surgeon and have spent most of my recreational time being active and outdoors. I have been in all kinds of gyms & hiking clubs for 40 years. Five years ago, when I was 73, I had  double knee replacement and my aortic valve replaced in the same year. While I didn't stop exercising, these events clearly put a dent in my abilities. In January 2017, I decided to improve my diet, up my exercise efforts and take control of my weight. Luckily, this was about the time I discovered Renu Health and Fitness. I have been at Y's, hospital gyms, and private fitness centers over the past 20-25 years, but Dino Nowak's program at Renu is the best thought-out and most physiologically based fitness program I have found. This unit is very cleverly planned strength training program. The workouts are semi-private, but each visit is varied & addressed to your individual needs. I really feel good about my sense of well being, my strength, and stamina. This is a fitness center that has a special aim to help folks in my age group (and even younger!) adapt to a more functional lifestyle as we get older.

Dr. William Finch



How we can help: Around the clock communication with industry leading trainers. Daily tasks & weekly body scans to track progress.


How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


How we can help: Learn how to eat delicious foods while saving time, money, and getting results.

Hi! We're A Family Owned Local Gym In Raleigh, North Carolina.

Established in 2012, it’s our mission to help people in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas get fit, stay healthy, and live life on their terms without fitness being an obstacle at Renu Health and Fitness Gym!

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How Much Are The Memberships?

 Memberships at Renu vary depending on the individual.  Our transformation programs can include semi private, individual training, nutrition plans, recovery sessions, workouts only and more!  Once we design the perfect program based on your goals and timeframe, we will go over the price and options.

Do I Have To Have Experience To Workout At Renu?

Not at all.  Our facility is designed for beginners to advanced, and Renu, one of the best gyms in Raleigh, NC with you every step of the journey!

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Membership?

Absolutely not!  The length of your membership is based on your goals and where you’re at now.  12 and 24 month memberships are NOT client-centric and our gym is all about our clients and their success!

I Want To Get Into Amazing Shape, But I’m Scared To Get Started.  Help!

We got you.  We understand getting started is the hardest part.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  Step 1, come in for a “no sweat intro” and have a chat with us.  No working out, no sales pitch, we’re just going to talk about your goals, that’s it.  If you’re excited about what we talk about, we’ll move on to Step 2.  No pressure, we’re coaches, and we’re here to help.

Ready To Get Started?

Discover How You Can Transform Your Body And Life With The Help Of A Transformation Expert at Raleigh Who Will Be With You Every Step Of Your Journey!

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